Chris Gioielli, MA

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Psychological Assistant

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Office Location: Pasadena

Individual therapy, couples therapy, college students, early career, relational issues, depression, anxiety, self-esteem, trauma, issues of spirituality, existential issues, clergy/ministry stress, adjustment to change.

At the core of who you are is the desire and need to be in relationship.  It starts from birth and continues throughout all aspects of life.  You go through life seeking this connection and feel the pain when it has gone awry.  Such pain and hurt can cause immense difficulty, often times exacerbated by life circumstance.  You might have feelings of defeat, grief, anxiety, depression, worthlessness or feeling stuck, which can flood life and cause each day to be a battle.  Doing it on your own can feel impossible and it is places like this where therapy can be a resource.  The unique relationship of therapy offers a collaborative way to explore these experiences, gain care and support, and develop healthy ways of dealing with pain in life.

Pursuing growth can be intimidating, but know that you do not have to do it alone.  If you’ve found this page, you might be considering what therapy might be able to offer you.  I seek to provide a caring and safe place where people can be heard and known.  I help my clients become more aware of their emotions, struggles, and desires in order to gain new perspectives.  My goal is to collaborate with and help people develop new ways of relating to themselves and others in order to find healing from painful patterns and learn healthier ways of dealing with pain in life.

About Chris Gioielli

Chris is a doctoral student at the Graduate School of Psychology at Fuller Theological Seminary. He is a Registered Psychological Assistant (PSB 94023510) and is working under the guidance and supervision of Dr. Brett Veltman (PSY21684). He received his M.A. in Psychology in 2017 from Fuller. He also received his M.A. in Spiritual Formation and Soul Care from the Institute for Spiritual Formation in 2014 and is a trained spiritual director.  He earned a B.A. in Biblical Theology from Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. Chris has had the opportunity to work with people of diverse backgrounds at Fuller Psychological and Family Services.

Chris has training and research experience in working with spirituality and psychology. He has a passion for integrating clients’ relationships with the Sacred from all faith backgrounds in the psychotherapeutic setting. He also seeks to work with a sensitivity to cultural diversity and values each individual’s unique story.  

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