Robert Craig

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Doctoral Clinical Psychology Student and Clinical Trainee

626-263-7528/Ex 17

Office Location: Pasadena

Individual therapy, young adults, adults, trauma, anxiety, grief, adjustment to change, spirituality, existential issues, relational difficulties, identity issues.

Many times in life, people are faced with tough situations that are overwhelming and result in people feeling depressed, anxious, or broken.  Often, these difficulties are the result of strained relationships.  Other times, they result from major life changes, or when confronting issues like death, meaning, life-purpose, or after exeriencing a traumatic event.  If you have been experiencing these, or other distressing situations, know that therapy can help provide relief from the pain and suffering that you have been experiencing. 

As a therapist, my goal is to create an open and safe environment, free from judgment, where people can feel comfortable to face and find healing from the struggles they are facing.  

About Robert Craig

Robert is currently working towards his PhD in Clinical Psychology at the Graduate School of Psychology at Fuller Theological Seminary.  He is a Clinical Trainee and is working under the supervision and license of Dr. Steve Simpson (PSY 17653).  Robert received his undergraduate degree in Psychology from Ithaca College, with minors in Math and Spanish.

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