Samantha Miller, MS

Samantha Miller, MS Pasadena therapist

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

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Individual therapy, couples therapy, stress and anxiety, life transitions, women’s issues, life purpose and spirituality, wilderness therapy, trauma, sexuality, and relationships.

Sometimes in life you get to points where all the sudden, you hit a standstill. You want a life of meaning, to know that you are doing something significant in the world. You’re looking to find your “thing”, a calling that will make getting up in the morning worth it. But it may feel difficult to get a sense of what you want to do, or that the things you were once passionate about just don’t light you up anymore. Maybe there’s something that happened in your life that seems to always be holding you back, or makes you feel like you lost your sense of who you are. Or, you may feel like your relationships have become stale, like you’ve lost the connection and fun that your intimate relationships once had. Or, maybe your relationships are going well, but you want more tools and insight to build a deeper connection for the next season of your life together.

I work with people who are going through personal and relational transitions to help them identify the important parts of their process in order to make the journey a bit smoother. I help my clients zero in on the things that are no longer working in their lives and help them find new language, dynamics, and solutions to have the life and relationships that they are dreaming of. Whether that means experiencing less stress and more joy in their day to day life, moving towards goals with more passion and direction, or experiencing better communication and intimacy with their partner, I will work with each client to help accomplish their specific goals in a supportive and empowering way.

My passions for the natural world, for nurture and hospitality, and for hearing people’s stories, led me to the work of therapy. In this work, I have the privilege to walk with people into their wilderness, the unknown internal landscape, in a joyful exploration of the whole of who they are. Throughout this journey, we are introduced to the parts of themselves they forgot, abandoned, or denied, and they become empowered to express every part of themselves in the context of a truly meaningful life. My hope for every person who sits, walks, and talks with me is that they find a renewed sense of hope, healing, and empowerment in their life.

About Samantha Miller

Samantha received her MS in Marriage and Family Therapy from Fuller Graduate School of Psychology and completed an internship with Sync Counseling Center.  She is an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (AMFT 120870) and is supervised by Emily Schnitger, MS (LMFT 100110), a licensed marriage and family therapist.  She also has over 10 years of experience leading groups in the Outdoor Experiential Learning model, along with backcountry and mountaineering experience. She has a background in both the fashion industry and ministry, so enjoys working with creatives, and those navigating their spiritual journey. Samantha is a Level II certified in Restoration Therapy and practices in the Psychodynamic and Experiential models. Overall, Samantha a highly relational therapist who collaborates with her clients to come up with the most therapeutic plan for each of them. Samantha has experience working with clients from various cultural/ethnic, socioeconomic, and spiritual backgrounds. 

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