We currently have two locations in Pasadena—both on Marengo Ave.  Our offices are located on Pasadena bungalow properties and typically there is ample street parking on Marengo Ave. and Bellevue Dr.  

446 S. Marengo Ave. (Dr. Brett Veltman, Dr. Steve Simpson, Chris Gioielli, MA, and Robert Craig primarily practice out of this office).  

To get to the office at 446 S. Marengo Ave., walk through the courtyard to the two-story white building at the back of the property. The waiting room is located on the first floor and can be accessed at the back of the building.

427 S. Marengo Ave. Number 6 (Dr. Rebecca Rouse, Emily Schnitger, LMFT and Emily Peters, MA practice out of this office).

We are easily accessible by the Gold Line Del Mar Station.

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